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From the drawing board to your mailbox, we outline for you the stages, each more exciting than the last, in the life of an Ana&Cha jewel.

Inspiration: When Imagination Takes Shape

We create the moodboards for our future collections together as a team.

A palette of colors, textures, trends, and shapes then inspires our designers.

Who imagine and draw all our creations in our Parisian studio.

Sampling: From Drawing to First Prototypes

Once the drawings are approved, production can begin.

It is at the heart of our certified partner factories that the first samples are born, after a long manufacturing process where craftsmanship, ancestral techniques, and technology come into play.

Lost Wax Casting:

1st Step: Creating the Mold

1. Creation of a model of the first piece in wax or metal, made by hand or using a 3D printer.

2. This model will be used to make the mold.

3. Making the silicone mold, which reproduces the imprint of the model.

4. Injection of wax into the molds.

2nd Step: Creating the Tree from Wax to Metal

1. Assembling the waxes on a rod to form the casting tree or "tree" which will allow several pieces to be made at once.

2. Placing the tree in a metal cylinder.

3. Filling the cylinder with plaster.

4. The cylinder is then placed in a lost-wax casting furnace. Molten metal (brass) will be poured inside to take the place of the wax.

5. The cylinder cools, and the plaster is then dissolved, leaving a metal tree: the metal has taken the place of the wax.


This technique consists of separating, cleaning, and polishing the pieces.

We prefer hand polishing, which better suits the delicacy of our jewelry.

Stone Setting

All the stones on our jewelry are set by hand using an artisanal technique that involves placing them individually according to the design of the jewelry.

Hand setting requires expertise and time and allows for precise and aesthetically unique results.

As a reminder, all the stones we use are natural, each is unique in its color shades, and they possess their own virtues.

Chain Making

For fine chains and mesh work, we generally use mechanical manufacturing.

This manufacturing offers great precision and uniformity in the links while maintaining the originality of our designs.

For other more voluminous creations, we use artisanal chain making.

This involves carefully assembling and soldering the links by hand, one by one, to create a strong and aesthetically pleasing chain.

The result is sublime!


The final step in making our jewelry: gold plating! Made from 100% recycled gold.

All our creations are covered with a gold layer of 3 to 5 microns to offer the best resistance over time.

They are then dipped in a bath of 24-carat gold to provide long-lasting shine and brilliance.

It's no wonder that we guarantee the plating of all our jewelry for 3 years!