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Ana & Cha, the original creation of a Parisian family-owned company

Annaëlle and Charlotte have been working for several years in a family-owned company specialized in jewelry since 1954. Based in the famous heart of Paris, called « Le Marais », the house is a historical pioneer in the precious fantasy jewelry field. It designs, produces and sells jewelry to major players, while remaining anonymous.

In June 2019, these two women, both passionate about jewelry and in love with trends and fashion, are ready to take on an ambitious challenge: To embrace the exceptional know-how of the house and create a brand that is aimed at all women, accessible to all budgets, without compromising the high quality of the jewels.

After a « Small survey between friends..." », launched during the summer 2019 and conducted among 500 women, Annaëlle and Charlotte were able to identify and understand your expectation regarding jewelry.

Shortly, the first designs of the young brand were born...

This is the beginning of Ana & Cha, the beginning of a crazy adventure that promises to be colorful!

And today, our story continues by your side

Since summer 2020, Ana & Cha has been distributed by more than 200 retailers throughout France and abroad. The brand currently counts more than 350 retailers..

This success allowed us to launch our first e-shop in July 2021, in order to be closer to you.

Annaëlle, Charlotte, Juliette, Aminata, Cécile, Sanam, Romane, Lilas, Estelle-line... Today, it is a whole team of extraordinary women who animate the brand every day

And surrounded by this passionate dream-team, we wish to continue this beautiful adventure by your side. By offering you more and more treasures with that extra touch of peps that makes us who we are!

The sparkly jewel for everyday life

Ana & Cha is the feel-good jewel. The one you never leave, for a more colorful, more joyful, more sparkling daily life!

We find ourselves wearing the jewel as we intend, the one we like, the one we love, getting bored of it and then loving it again. Like a simple pleasure, living life, the REAL life!

We brighten up our looks with acidic colors: the pink of quartz for dreamers, the green of aventurine for the audacious or the turquoise of amazonite for the quirkiest.

A nice way to express style and mood by mixing colors and shapes..

Our commitments

Because we create jewelry to brighten women's lives.

And because it's essential to support each other. We sponsor projects of young artists who are dear to ourselves and look like us!

Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce Sainte Nicole, a young irreverent French pop singer, who seeks to overthrow codes with humor and impertinence.

She represents the free, independent and ambitious woman through touching and catchy music, with inspiring lyrics, just like the Ana&Cha girl;

We are very proud to have her as an ambassador and hope that this partnership will allow her to conquer the stage, and the hearts of thousands of people.

GO !GO !GO !

We love ourselves,

We feel beautiful,

We feel free,

Wearing what we like,

And this day after day.

See you soon,

Ana & Cha