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How to determine your ring size ?

Method 1 : Measure the diameter (for the most minutious)

Select a ring which fits the finger you plan on wearing your new ring and a ruler.

Choose preferably a ring void of stones and ornaments to facilitate the measurement

Rest the ring on the ruler to measure the ring’s diameter

Report the measurement on the conversion table

Ring's diameterEuropeUSUK
14 mm443f1/2
14.6 mm463.75h
15.3 mm484.5h1/2 - i/2
16 mm505j-k
16.5 mm526l - l1/2
17.2 mm547o - p
17.8 mm567.5p1/2 - q1/2
18.5 mm588.5p1/2 - q1/2
19 mm609r1/2 - s
19.8 mm6210t1/2
20.4 mm6410.5t1/2

Method 2 : Measure the  circumference (for the most handy)

Select a ribbon (tissue or paper) , a ruler and a pencil. Ideally, take the measurements in a room temperature environment to prevent your fingers from changing size due to the heat/cold.

Start by marking a reference point on the ribbon with your pencil

Wrap the ribbon around the finger on which the ring will be

Trace a second marking above the first reference point

Unwrap the ribbon and measure the distance between both reference points

Report the measurement on the conversion table

44.14 mm443f1/2
46.02 mm463.75h
47.25 mm484.5h1/2 - i/2
48.38 mm505j-k
50.58 mm526l - l1/2
53.16 mm547o - p
55.76 mm567.5p1/2 - q1/2
57.15 mm588.5p1/2 - q1/2
58.47 mm609r1/2 - s